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Food Co-Ops

Food Co-Op

Food Co-op

Welcome to the Dishes For Life Interactive Map Food Co-Op Directory!

Food Co-Ops (cooperatives) offer another avenue for buying fresh from the farm products at a lower cost to its members. Unlike other buying clubs, food co-ops work through volunteers, members and others passionate about supporting local and sustainable food sources. Dishes For Life is a proud supporter of co-ops and encourages their support by everyone. If you’ve never visited one, try it. It’s a great way to support a healthier lifestyle.


Below is an interactive map listing all participating co-ops in the U.S..  Some are part of a larger organization while others are very small operations. As the food co-op industry goes through changes and in the event you don’t see a known food co-op on the map, please visit the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to request any new co-ops in your area or to report any that are no longer operating. Thank you for your support!


Interactive Map of Listed Food Co-Ops in the U.S.-click on map and scroll to zoom in and out

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